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The 2023 AfRES East African Chapter Annual Conference

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The African Real Estate Society (AfRES), was founded in 1997 and it is a continent-wide organization that seeks to promote networking, research and education among property professionals across Africa. AfRES is also affiliated to the International Real Estate Society (IRES), along with sister societies in North America (ARES), Asia (AsRES), Europe (ERES), the Pacific Rim (PRRES) and Latin America (LaRES). AfRES membership is currently organized in three regional chapters including: (1) Southern Africa (2) Western Africa and (3) Eastern Africa region. AfRES usually organizes annual conferences every year and the conference is hosted regionally in turn by the three aforementioned chapters. However, each chapter organizes a regional conference also on annual basis and that conference is hosted by a willing member country to enhance regional cohesion of member countries and allow exchanges among regional neighboring members. The Eastern African chapter regional conference has been hosted last time in Nairobi,
Kenya, and this time the chapter’s annual conference has been hosted in Kigali Rwanda from 25th to 26th of May 2023.

This conference was conducted under the theme: “The Next Generation of Real Estate in East Africa, the effect of IT”; to discuss how information technology is currently affecting and becoming part of different aspects of real estate at regional level without failing to learn from other corners globally. This theme has been chosen because the real estate sector is ever-changing and being re-defined by technological advancements and nowadays technology is used to ensure seamless and efficient solutions to real estate problems. Therefore, the shift towards real estate technology cannot be ignored, embracing technology means that the real estate world will grow exponentially as more “tech solutions” towards economic development. Some of the areas we observe technology advancement in real estate sector include real estate big data analysis that considers all the latest industry trends, the advancement of the use of Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI, in decision making processes to predict the “perfect” investment opportunities to investors eyeing real estate industry, social media use in real estate marketing and advancement in building technology which is environmental friendly and promotes low-cost housing construction.

here is the link of the day 1 and day 2:

For more details you can visit the event website here