Real Property Valuers

A Valuer is a person who deals with a special discipline of economics associated with preparing and reporting asset valuations and also managing landed assets. The person so qualified must have undergone mandatory and rigorous tests of education, training, competence, demonstrate skills, exhibit and maintain a code of high ethical conduct and professional practice. The person must subscribe and adhere to the expectations manifested in the law establishing IRPV.


  1. Valuation of going concern (Businesses and intangible assets);
  2. Valuation of mineral lands and extractives;
  3. Assessment of Capital Gains Tax;

Full Members should have:

  • Have practical experience in the surveying profession of such a nature and for such period of time as the Council may approve, and
  • Passed such examination(s) approved by the Council for such membership.

Graduate Members should have:

A degree in Quantity survey, Real Estate or its equivalent from a recognized university or its equivalent or attained such other training as may be approved by the Council,

Technician Members should have:

  • Attained such qualification as may be prescribed by the Council, or
  • Three years’ practical experience under a full member of the chapter and passed such examination(s) as may be approved by Council for such membership.


Mrs Annick Ndabirorera- Chairman

Ganza Patrick- Executive Secretary